A letter and a tribute by Anne Simon, a client visit from Germany

Joseph Sipos, Le Collage Hair Salon

“My hair still looks great and I’ve gotten many compliments on my haircut and color!” wrote Anne Simon after visiting Joseph Sipos at Le Collage Salon.

Joseph Sipos, formerly of Vidal Sassoon Salons NYC and Germany, shares Anne Simon’s, a speaker at the Vidal Sassoon show in Hamburg, inspiring words that describe a Vidal Sassoon stylist.

“Hair should not only be a process of random growth but should also be something physical, an optical signal.  Hair should make a positive impression, it should feel luxurious and look sexy. Lingerie for the head.

Hair must live and move, like music, art and fashion, it is the “spirit of the time”, the feeling of a generation. Hair design must always progress.

And you? You must ask yourself sometimes what is the difference between Vidal Sassoon and other salons.

It is the philosophy on which Vidal Sassoon is grounded, immediately noticeable upon entry.

The relationship between hair artist and customer is somewhat flirtatious.  The hair artist the seducer with his scissors, who inspires courage from his customer in order to create his contribution to the many faceted and well known styles that is the Vidal Sassoon look.

The salon is not only the stage of the stylist but also for the customer, where the mirror reflects a mutual visual experience.  Molding the hair like an actor to give the feeling that a new personality has been created.

Every Sassoon head is a collage from the creativity of its hair stylist. Like the skyline of a well designed parfum flakon, so is hair the artwork of the face.

Good hair-styling requires outstanding ideas and an instinct to people and trends in order to  match the international challenge.

Vidal Sassoon and hair-design: Two concepts that have fascinated and infatuated the whole world.”

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