Mothers Day

On Mother’s Day give the special woman in your life a gift they will remember.

Let Le Collage pamper her and make her feel as special as she is!

Prom Season

Plan on going to the prom?  Then you’ll need a plan for making your hair beautiful for the big night.

With prom season quickly approaching you’ll find yourself searching for the perfect dress, shoes, bag and of course hair style!  This is your chance to show off and present to the world your gorgeous look.

Once you’ve found the perfect dress, coordinating your hairstyle will be a challenge so its important to have this figured out before your big day.

You may like to wear your hair down, but if it becomes frizzy and lifeless easily or if your up-do isn’t as fun as you were expecting, you could possibly ruin the look your going for.  Choose a style that works best with your hair type, personality and works well with the style of your gown.

For instance, according to Style Caster, with a lace dress, keeping your hairstyle romantic takes it from a dress to an ensemble.  Pair a body conscious mermaid dress with a side-swept waves hairstyle.  Or if your gown’s focus is on the shoulder, keep your hair off of your neck to keep the spotlight on the dress with a high and giant ballerina bun.  After all, this is your special day and best to look as special as you feel.

Don’t try to figure this out alone, consult a qualified artistic stylist here at Le Collage Salon, who can guide you to the perfect style for your dress. Keep in mind appointments will be limited with this higher volume of demand as you get closer to the gala, so you will need to book your appointments ahead of time.

You know all will be sharing your high style look on social media, so plan ahead and avoid a hair disaster and enjoy your prom night without worrying about your hair.

Come visit Le Collage Hair Salon for a complimentary consultation and begin your prom night transformation!

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Le Collage Salon, Celebrating 38 Years of Hair Care Innovation

Le Collage Salon, Celebrating 38 Years of Hair Care Innovation

Le Collage Salon has been bringing the latest hairstyles to their clients for decades, re-creating the ever evolving trends and enjoying success in the Mount Kisco business district since 1979.

Le Collage stylist have been cutting, coloring and styling thousands of happy clients for over 38 years.  The success of the salon is due to the combination of the emphasis of high performance service and the importance of exceeding clients expectations.

Elissa McGrath, Salon Coordinator & Co-Owner

Elissa McGrath, Salon Coordinator & Co-Owner

Every head of hair is unique in its structure.  Whether its curly, wavy, straight, natural or colored, there is an expert stylist in house to command it.  A Le Collage artistic stylist knows that the most important part of a confident person is their hair and no matter your age you want to wear something stylish that turns heads.  The importance of maintaining the style for your hair type along with proper hair care methods for your daily lifestyle is key to a happy client.  This in fact will simplify your hair care regimen and you will spend less time concerning yourself about your looks and enjoy a more confident life.

“The difference between Le Collage and other salons is that Le Collage’s stylists specialize and focus on their individual artistry.” says Elissa McGrath, Le Collage Salon Coordinator & Co-owner.  “Having a wide range of knowledge of hair design and artistic talent to render it, is key in producing the happiest clients.”

As the Salon Coordinator from the very beginning, Elissa sees to it that clients’ are catered to from the moment they walk in the door. “We are a family oriented, warm welcoming kind of place where I spend a significant time monitoring both client and staff satisfaction, insisting on expertise performance and results that are of the highest caliber” explains Elissa.  Elissa is the face of the salon, coordinating clients and personnel with sharp attention to appointment accuracy and matching clients needs with a specific stylists approach.

“Another important aspect of managing my team is to have complete knowledge of each stylists, products of preference, how to use them and making sure all products and necessities are available.

According to Salon Operating Systems, 85% of client retention success in a salon relies on personality.  Elissa’s happy, motivating disposition is clearly part of the success and longevity of Le Collage.

If you’re looking for a new stylist, Elissa can find the perfect match for you with the results of you loving your hair.

Call to schedule your complimentary consultation now and be forever happy with your hair!  914-241-0084

“Great salon! A team of talented, creative professionals who work as a team. Always punctual, pleasant and efficient. Their work speaks for itself – I get compliments after every appointment for nearly 15 years now.”  Joy T. 
“Thank you all for making my special day more special then it already was. You guys did an amazing job with hair and make up that i could not have asked for any better!” Aggie Z. 

Don’t forget to come LuLaRoe with us Sunday 4/2, 12-3pm

Don’t Forget to Come LuLaRoe With Us
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When:  Sunday April 2nd, 2017
Host:  Le Collage Hair Salon
Address:  200 E Main St, Mt Kisco
Time:  12:00—3:00PM

ONLY 6 Days Until Our LuLaRoe Multi-Consultant Sale!

ONLY 6 Days Until Our LuLaRoe Multi-Consultant Sale!

Come join us for an afternoon of LuLaRoe
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Visit to learn about this fun
and incredibly comfortable clothing line.

When:  Sunday April 2nd, 2017
Host:  Le Collage Hair Salon
Address:  200 E Main St, Mt Kisco
Time:  12:00—3:00PM

LuLaRoe Multi-Consultant Sale

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Trending Hair Cuts for the spring

Trending Hair Cuts for the Spring

With any new season comes the new trending styles, starting first with your hair then onto your make-up, clothing & accessories.

Celebrity hair styling inspirations and runways set the pace of styles that are trending, so it is necessary to seek out a stylist who studies these trends extensively.  Le Collage’s Samantha Hembrook encompasses this passion, studying the current styles and cut trends and how to achieve them.

For instance, trending right now is the Eye-Length Fringe Cut Bang, as highlighted in’s article,  Celebrity hairstyles with bangs.  From side-swept to blunt, the best bangs come in all shapes and lengths. Bangs are great for those who are afraid to commit to a short cut. “A long bang is an easy way to change up your look and not loose the length” explains Samantha. “A long bang can be change daily from a center fringe or swept to the side or even pinned back for a no bang look.”

“Its a great idea to come for a consultation, where I will discuss your new look and expected outcome. I will help you choose your style and how to get as close to your desired look as possible.  The texture and condition of your hair, along with your ability to style your look and the products you use are all taken into consideration.

If I can recommend one styling tip it would be to avoid excessive heat styling because it causes split ends and breakage which changes the structure of your haircut.  A good conditioning product I recommend is Wella Oil Reflections, which is a smoothing oil that helps to also protect the hair follicle from heat damage” says Samantha.

If your looking for today’s latest hairstyle and a stylist who has the experience, artistry and ability to achieve it, come visit Samantha Hembrook at Le Collage Salon.


Samantha Hembrook, Master Stylist

Whether you are blond, brown, caramel, red or black, try adding some subtle Balayage to your tresses.

Whether you are blonde, brown, caramel, red or black, try adding some subtle Balayage to your tresses.

Balayage will brighten your color giving your hair a new breath of life!

Balayage is similar to what nature gives us as children, a softer, less noticeable regrowth.  Balayage is color that is applied onto the hair free-handed, so best to choose a colorist who is highly trained in this technique, such as our very own Danielle Maiorano.

Gorgeous, WOW color doesn’t happen by chance, it happens from having complete knowledge of your craft along with the skill and creativity of an expert hair colorist. You want color to compliment you like Mother Nature and Father Time got together and delivered a head turning, modern, chic head of hair.

Danielle, of Le Collage Hair Salon, is a NYC Wella trained Master Colorist who has the ability to create the perfect custom hair color for her clients. “The first step is a consultation which is the cornerstone of a happy client” says Danielle.  “It’s essential to discuss and establish what a client is looking for and how to achieve this look. Your hair type, job, past results, styling, and products you use are some factors to take into consideration.”

With spring approaching, its a great time to add some sparkle and life to your locks.

Call for a complimentary consultation with Danielle Maiorano at Le Collage! Call: 914-241-0084

Danielle Maiorano, of Le Collage Hair Salon, a NYC Wella trained Master Colorist

A letter and a tribute by Anne Simon, a client visit from Germany

A letter and a tribute by Anne Simon, a client visit from Germany

Joseph Sipos, Le Collage Hair Salon

“My hair still looks great and I’ve gotten many compliments on my haircut and color!” wrote Anne Simon after visiting Joseph Sipos at Le Collage Salon.

Joseph Sipos, formerly of Vidal Sassoon Salons NYC and Germany, shares Anne Simon’s, a speaker at the Vidal Sassoon show in Hamburg, inspiring words that describe a Vidal Sassoon stylist.

“Hair should not only be a process of random growth but should also be something physical, an optical signal.  Hair should make a positive impression, it should feel luxurious and look sexy. Lingerie for the head.

Hair must live and move, like music, art and fashion, it is the “spirit of the time”, the feeling of a generation. Hair design must always progress.

And you? You must ask yourself sometimes what is the difference between Vidal Sassoon and other salons.

It is the philosophy on which Vidal Sassoon is grounded, immediately noticeable upon entry.

The relationship between hair artist and customer is somewhat flirtatious.  The hair artist the seducer with his scissors, who inspires courage from his customer in order to create his contribution to the many faceted and well known styles that is the Vidal Sassoon look.

The salon is not only the stage of the stylist but also for the customer, where the mirror reflects a mutual visual experience.  Molding the hair like an actor to give the feeling that a new personality has been created.

Every Sassoon head is a collage from the creativity of its hair stylist. Like the skyline of a well designed parfum flakon, so is hair the artwork of the face.

Good hair-styling requires outstanding ideas and an instinct to people and trends in order to  match the international challenge.

Vidal Sassoon and hair-design: Two concepts that have fascinated and infatuated the whole world.”

To book a free consultation with Joseph Sipos, Master Haircutter & Co-Owner of Le Collage Salon call 914-241-0084


Claudia Rinaldi has joined our staff!

Le Collage Salon is very excited to announce that Claudia Rinaldi has joined our staff. Claudia, a curly hair specialist, trained with curl guru Lorraine Massey at Devachan in New York City. Claudia was voted “Best of Westchester” 2015 Stylist For Curly Hair. She caters to all hair types, not just curly locks. Claudia’s passion for hair and her very warm and vibrant personality, make her a wonderful addition to the Le Collage family.
Welcome Claudia!