Trending Hair Cuts for the Spring

With any new season comes the new trending styles, starting first with your hair then onto your make-up, clothing & accessories.

Celebrity hair styling inspirations and runways set the pace of styles that are trending, so it is necessary to seek out a stylist who studies these trends extensively.  Le Collage’s Samantha Hembrook encompasses this passion, studying the current styles and cut trends and how to achieve them.

For instance, trending right now is the Eye-Length Fringe Cut Bang, as highlighted in’s article,  Celebrity hairstyles with bangs.  From side-swept to blunt, the best bangs come in all shapes and lengths. Bangs are great for those who are afraid to commit to a short cut. “A long bang is an easy way to change up your look and not loose the length” explains Samantha. “A long bang can be change daily from a center fringe or swept to the side or even pinned back for a no bang look.”

“Its a great idea to come for a consultation, where I will discuss your new look and expected outcome. I will help you choose your style and how to get as close to your desired look as possible.  The texture and condition of your hair, along with your ability to style your look and the products you use are all taken into consideration.

If I can recommend one styling tip it would be to avoid excessive heat styling because it causes split ends and breakage which changes the structure of your haircut.  A good conditioning product I recommend is Wella Oil Reflections, which is a smoothing oil that helps to also protect the hair follicle from heat damage” says Samantha.

If your looking for today’s latest hairstyle and a stylist who has the experience, artistry and ability to achieve it, come visit Samantha Hembrook at Le Collage Salon.


Samantha Hembrook, Master Stylist

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