*Tues & Wed with select stylists until 6/20/2017

What is a Keratin Restorative Treatment?

Keratin is in the hairs natural protein that breaks down from heat styling, hair color, products and environment.  A Keratin Restorative Treatment reverses these harmful effects restoring the hair back to new.

Keratin Treatments takes approximately 60 - 90 minutes.  The stylists starts by applying a pre-treatment which removes the surface deposit buildup, opening the hair cuticle so the Keratin Treatment can absorb in, strengthening the Keratin bonds, filling and smoothing the hair shaft.  Your stylist will then finish the restorative treatment process with heat to seal the protein within the  hairs cortex and repair any damage, creating a humidity resistant finish.

Keratin restorative treatment verses conventional straightening or relaxing: 

Conventional straightening or relaxing breaks the hairs protein an molecular structural bond of each strand into a permanently straight shape.  Keratin does not break these hair bonds but instead restores and strengthens the hair leaving you with healthier, smoother, more versatile hair that can be styled wavy or straight.



Tues & Weds with select stylists
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