• Natural Nail Manicure – $18
  • Shellac Gel Polish Manicure – $23 *without soaking off old polish
  • Soak Off Polish Removal – $10
  • Nail Tips – $30
  • Brisa Hard Gel Overlay – $30
  • Fill-ins with regular polish – $28, with gel polish $33
  • 2 Tone Nail Color Designs – $10
  • Polish Change – $12
  • Nail Repairs – $6

Natural Nail Manicure
Natural Nail Manicures are perfect for those who want to have their nails properly shaped and polished, their cuticles tamed and skin moisturized.

Gel Polish
14+ day gel nail polish features a base coat, color coat and top coat that is cured with a LED lamp delivering up to two weeks of high performance wear with no nail damage. There is no drying wait time since gel polish is 100% dry immediately after LED curing.

Nail Tips are perfect for those who want beautiful longer nails in a flash. Nail Tips are applied over the natural nail to lengthen your nails and can be worn with or without an overlay.

Hard Gel Coating
Hard Gels most closely resembles the natural nail and outperform a natural nail manicure. Gel is applied to the natural nail or over tips and cured hard in a LED lamp. Gels are thinner and more flexible than acrylics.


Whether you choose Hard Gel, Silk-wraps or Powder Dipping, your nails will grow out and need to be treated with a fill-in. Your nail enhancements will be rejuvenated and brought back to new, ready for another 2 to 3 weeks of care free wearability.


Our Policy:To ensure prompt service appointments are always desirable but walk-ins are gladly accepted. If you need to cancel an appointment we appreciate at least 24 hours notice.