Plan on going to the prom?  Then you’ll need a plan for making your hair beautiful for the big night.

With prom season quickly approaching you’ll find yourself searching for the perfect dress, shoes, bag and of course hair style!  This is your chance to show off and present to the world your gorgeous look.

Once you’ve found the perfect dress, coordinating your hairstyle will be a challenge so its important to have this figured out before your big day.

You may like to wear your hair down, but if it becomes frizzy and lifeless easily or if your up-do isn’t as fun as you were expecting, you could possibly ruin the look your going for.  Choose a style that works best with your hair type, personality and works well with the style of your gown.

For instance, according to Style Caster, with a lace dress, keeping your hairstyle romantic takes it from a dress to an ensemble.  Pair a body conscious mermaid dress with a side-swept waves hairstyle.  Or if your gown’s focus is on the shoulder, keep your hair off of your neck to keep the spotlight on the dress with a high and giant ballerina bun.  After all, this is your special day and best to look as special as you feel.

Don’t try to figure this out alone, consult a qualified artistic stylist here at Le Collage Salon, who can guide you to the perfect style for your dress. Keep in mind appointments will be limited with this higher volume of demand as you get closer to the gala, so you will need to book your appointments ahead of time.

You know all will be sharing your high style look on social media, so plan ahead and avoid a hair disaster and enjoy your prom night without worrying about your hair.

Come visit Le Collage Hair Salon for a complimentary consultation and begin your prom night transformation!

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